Megger, Model DLR010X Ohm Meter, Maximum Resistance Measurement 2000 Ω, Resistance Measurement Resolution 100nΩ

  • RS庫存編號 910-6807
  • 製造零件編號 1006-600
  • 製造商 Megger
COO (Country of Origin): GB

Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

Large backlit LCD display, controlled by 2-axis paddle for ease of use.
Results can then be stored together with any relevant notes, for later download to a PC.

Results in less than 3 seconds
Lightweight, easily portable and easy to use
4-wire measurement to null out lead resistance
Auto mode. Connection of handspikes supplied automatically starts test without the need to press test button
Auto current reversal cancels out standing EMFs
User selectable high and low limits
Memory for up to 700 sets of results complete with notes of up to 200 characters
Keypad for extra data entry
Fuse protected to 600V
NiMH battery reduces weight
250mW power limit (with optional override) to avoid heating the test sample

Support accessories:

DH5 Duplex handspike set with 2.5m long leads. See stock no. 666-7371
Duplex handspike set with 1.2m with shrouded connection terminals to provide CAT III 600V saftey rating. See stock no. 666-7375

Full scale Resolution Accuracy Volts (full scale) Test Current
1·9999mΩ 0·1μΩ ±0·2%±0·2μΩ 20mV 10A
19·999mΩ 1μΩ ±0·2%±2μΩ 20mV 1A
199·99mΩ 10μΩ ±0·2%±20μΩ 20mV 100mA
1·9999Ω 100μΩ ±0·2%±0·2mΩ 20mV 10mA
19·999Ω 1mΩ ±0·2%±2mΩ 20mV 1mA
199·99Ω 10mΩ ±0·2%±20mΩ 20mV 100μA
1999·9Ω 100mΩ ±0·2%±0·2Ω 200mV 100μA
Measurement modes   Manual, Auto Continuous, High Power, Unidirectional    
Test current accuracy   ±10%    
Output current stability   >10ppm per sec @ 10mA; >100ppm per second @ higher currents    
Voltmeter input impedance   > 200kΩ    
Hum rejection   Less than 1% +20 digts additional error with 100mV rms 50/60Hz on potential leads. If exceeded, a warning lamp will illuminate.    
Battery capacity   7Ah NiMH rechargeable battery    
Battery life   Typically 1000 x 10A tests    
Recharging   External 115/230Hz charger or 12V car battery    
Standard charging rate   4 hours    
Quick charging rate   2.5 hours to 90% capacity @ 20°C    
Operating temperature   +5 → +45 °C full specification; -10 → +50 °C reduced accuracy    
Error v. temperature   <0·01% per°C over range 5 to 40°C    
Standard charge   0 → +45 °C    
Fast charge   +10 → +45 °C    
Safety   EN61010-1 600V Category III, (with DH6 handspike set)    
Size (HxWxD) & Weight   220 x 100 x 237mm, 2.6kg    

Supplied with

2 x spikes, mains charger, car charger and NiMH battery.

Attribute Value
Maximum Resistance Measurement 2000 Ω
Resistance Measurement Resolution 100nΩ
Measurement Type Low Resistance
Battery Life 1000 Tests
Battery Type Rechargeable NiMH
Power Source Battery, Mains
Handheld Yes
Dimensions 220 x 100 x 237mm
Weight 2.6kg
Height 237mm
Length 220mm
Maximum Accuracy +0.2 %
Maximum Operating Temperature +45°C
Minimum Accuracy -0.2 %
Width 100mm
Plug Type Schuko, UK, US
Minimum Operating Temperature +5°C
Model Number p DLR010X
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