Pepperl + Fuchs PLC Power Supply VAR Series AS-I, 26.5 → 31.6 V, 60 mA 22.5 x 99 x 92 mm

COO (Country of Origin): DE

AS-I Repeater

22.5 mm width housing
Line lengthening by 100 m (max. 2 repeater in series)
Galvanic isolation between AS-Interface circuits 1 and 2
No need to parameter
Need no specific address on the AS-Interface bus
Housing with removable terminals


Actuator Sensor Interface (AS-I)

Actuator Sensor Interface, AS-I

AS-I is a method of providing communication from simple discrete components such as an inductive sensor or switching valve via a simple two-wire network to a controlling device such as a PLC or PC.
A unique feature of the AS-I system is the flat, two-core cable (stock no 242-6189) designed to enable fast and easy connection, ensuring correct polarity every time. The cable can be used in a network up to 100m (300m if repeaters are used).
By providing power and data down the same cable, the amount of time normally used to connect sensors and actuators is dramatically reduced, thereby providing savings in cable requirements and man-hours.
The choice of AS-I connection modules enables the user to connect standard sensors/actuators to the BUS with all the address benefits of using dedicated sensors/actuators. It also serves to increase the number of I/O nodes that are available to the user by the use of addressable splitter boxes. The connection modules are available in a variety of packages and can accommodate up to 4 inputs and 4 outputs. This enables up to 124 inputs and 124 outputs to be connected to a single AS-I network.
Another feature of AS-I system is the method by which the sensors or modules communicate with the host. The design of the communications protocol ensures high data accuracy and error detection capabilities, making the ASI system ideal for automation in noisy and industrial environments.

Benefits of AS-I

Replaces hard wiring
High data speed
Low cost installation
Intelligent diagnostics
Easy to learn and install
Highly flexible
Can connect to other fieldbus systems
Off-site pre-assembly and test
Easy maintenance
Faster on-site commissioning
Host or stand alone use
Able to use standard sensors and actuators (using modules)

Attribute Value
Manufacturer Series VAR
For Use With AS-I
Line Voltage 26.5 → 31.6 V
Output Current 60 mA
Length 22.5mm
Width 99mm
Depth 92mm
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +55°C
Dimensions 22.5 x 99 x 92 mm
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