Power Integrations RDK-420 InnoSwitch AC-DC Converter for INN2023K


InnoSwitch INN2023K AC-DC Converter Evaluation Board

The RDK-420 is a reference design evaluation board from Power Integrations demonstrating the features and capabilities of the INN2023K device from the InnoSwitch-CH family of AC-DC converter ICs. The design is for a high-efficiency 10W USB charger and makes good use of the high power density and level of integration of the InnoSwitch-CH family.

The reference design includes the following features:

• Device used: INN2023K (See RS 123-5495 for similar device)
• Output power: 10W (5V 2A)
• Industry first AC/DC ICs with isolated, safety rated integrated feedback
• Secondary side control benefits, with the simplicity of primary side regulation
• Built in synchronous rectification for high efficiency
• Excellent regulation: ±3% constant voltage, ±5% constant current
• Insensitive to transformer variation
• Transient response independent of load timing
• Smaller, lower cost output capacitors
• <10 mW no-load input power
• Cable voltage drop compensation

AC-DC Converters, Power Integrations

Attribute Value
Power Management Function AC-DC Converter
Kit Classification Reference Design
Featured Device INN2023K
Kit Name InnoSwitch
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HK$ 838.26
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