EVALPWD5F60,Power Management Dev Kit

COO (Country of Origin): IT

The PWD5F60 is an advanced power system-in-package integrating gate drivers and four N-channel power MOSFETs in a compact QFN package. The integrated power MOSFETs have an RDS(ON) of 1.38 Ω and 600 V drain-source breakdown voltage. The embedded gate drivers feature two comparators that can be used for peak current control or overcurrent protection and integrate bootstrap diodes. This allows to effectively drive loads in a tiny space and to drastically reduce external components and bill of materials. The EVALPWD5F60 demonstrates how to use the PWD5F60 to drive a single-phase load in full-bridge topology. This allows control of both the direction and the value of the current flowing into the load. Typical applications that can benefit from the high integration of the PWD5F60 are, for example, single-phase BLDC motors and fans.

Attribute Value
Kit Classification Evaluation Board
For Use With Drive a Single-Phase Load in Full-Bridge
Featured Device LPWD5F60
Kit Name Demonstration Board
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