Single Parameter(s) pH pH Test Strip, max. measurement 13pH

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pH Indicator Strips

From Instruments Direct, a selection of individual pH test strips designed for measuring how acidic or alkaline a sample or solution is. The pH test strips feature a non-bleed, padded paper test tip attached to a vinyl wand. These testing strips are easy to use and provide accurate results in a few seconds.

What is pH?

The pH scale is an internationally recognisable scale that is used to indicate the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid or sample. Chemicals, liquids and samples are often classed as being acidic, basic or neutral on a scale of 0 pH to 14 pH. Low pH values are considered acidic, higher pH values are called basic and values around the 7 mark is referred to as neutral.

• 0 = very acidic (hydrochloric acid)
• 7 = neutral (pure water)
• 14 = strong alkali (sodium hydroxide)

How to use the test strip

• Take a single-use testing strip and briefly dip the end into the sample or solution to be tested for a few seconds
• Remove the test strip from the solution and carefully shake off any excess liquid.
• Compare the test strip with the supplied colour chart
• Do not allow the strip to dry out before colour matching
• Full range pH testing 0.2pH to 14pH

Features and Benefits

• Accurate, rapid results
• Inexpensive, easy and simple to use
• Dip and read in seconds
• Clear visual indication of pH levels
• Ideal for testing the pH levels in water, urine and saliva
• Available in different pH ranges


pH measurement is used in nearly all industries that deal with water or chemicals. Tough laws will govern how factories, plants and warehouses deal with wastewater. Completing regular pH tests are vital for the health and safety of employees, the general public and the environment. Although pH won’t necessarily indicate a particular type of pollution is present, a pH indication level can help with the management of potentially high or low reading. Some typical applications include

• Agriculture
• Chemical industries
• Manufacturing
• Hospitals and laboratories
• Calibration testing
• Aquariums

Testing ranges available

• RS part number 312-4351 0 to 2.5 pH
• RS part number 312-4367 3 to 6 pH
• RS part number 312-4373 5 to 9 pH
• RS part number 312-4389 10 to 13 pH
• RS part number 261-8603 1 to 14 pH

Supplied with

Colour chart

Attribute Value
Strip Type PH
Multiple Parameter Single
Maximum Measurement 13pH
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