Hakko Soldering Station, 120V

  • RS庫存編號 516-9514
  • 製造零件編號 HFX951-0833C
  • 製造商 Hakko
COO (Country of Origin): JP

FX-951 Digital Soldering Station

Digital soldering station with space saving vertical design housing
Ideally suited to lead free soldering processes
Composite design tip ensures temperature accuracy and excellent thermal recovery
Features selectable sleep function to prolong tip life and an energy saving automatic shut off function
Temperature range from 200 to 450°C
ESD safe by design
Available with either BS1363 type or Aus/NZ mains plug

T12 Tips - Cross reference to manufacturers part no.
Manu. part no. Description RS stock no. · Manu. part no. Description RS stock no.
T12-B 0.2mm Conical 500-6968   T12-D4 4mm Chisel 500-7113
T12-BC1 1mm Bevel 500-7012   T12-I Sharp Conical 500-7179
T12-BC2 2mm Bevel 500-7034   T12-J02 Bent 500-7208
T12-BC3 3mm Bevel 500-7040   T12-K Knife 500-7236
T12-D08 0.8mm Chisel 500-7078   T12-1401 10.4mm Spatula 517-5547
T12-D12 1.2mm Chisel 500-7084   T12-1402 15.7mm Spatula 517-5553
T12-D16 1.6mm Chisel 500-7090   T12-1403 21.2mm Spatula 517-5569
T12-D24 2.4mm Chisel 500-7107   T12-1404 25mm Spatula 517-5575
Description stock no.
FX-951 (BS1363 plug) 516-9514
FX-951 (Aus/NZ plug) 517-5783
FM2028 Soldering Iron 250-523
Soldering Iron Stand 255-067
T12 Tips  
0.2mm Conical 500-6968
1mm Bevel 500-7012
2mm Bevel 500-7034
3mm Bevel 500-7040
0.8mm Chisel 500-7078
1.2mm Chisel 500-7084
1.6mm Chisel 500-7090
2.4mm Chisel 500-7107
4mm Chisel 500-7113
Sharp Conical 500-7179
Bent 500-7208
Knife 500-7236
10.4mm Spatula 517-5547
15.7mm Spatula 517-5553
21.2mm Spatula 517-5569
25mm Spatula 517-5575


Stations do not include tips which should be ordered separately, see FX-950 for range.

Supplied with

FM-2028 Soldering Iron, Heat resistant pad, and Iron holder

Soldering - Hakko

Attribute Value
Tasks Supported Soldering
Input Voltage 120V
Number of Outputs 1
Display Type Digital
ESD Safe No