Altera PL-ETH2-BLASTER Ethernet Blaster II Programmer

  • RS庫存編號 906-3937
  • 製造零件編號 PL-ETH2-BLASTER
  • 製造商 Altera
COO (Country of Origin): TW

EthernetBlaster II In-Circuit Programming Cable, Altera

The Altera EthernetBlaster II connects to a standard Ethernet network port with an RJ-45 connector to communicate with client systems. Multiple developers can access Altera devices simultaneously and download design changes directly to the device, increasing productivity and enabling multiple design iterations in quick succession.

Communicate with client systems using the TCP/IP protocol. Supports both static and dynamic IP addressing. You can also interface directly using a standard CAT 5 UTP 4-pair patch cable.

You can also programme serial configuration devices, including EPCS1, EPCS4, EPCS16, EPCS64, and EPCS128 devices. In addition, the EthernetBlaster II communications cable supports target systems using 3.3-V LVTTL/LVCMOS and single-ended I/O standards from 3.3 V down to 1.2 V.

Supported Devices

- Stratix series FPGAs
- Arria series FPGAs
- Cyclone series FPGAs
- MAX series CPLDs

An FPGA is a semiconductor device consisting of a matrix of Configurable Logic Blocks (CLBs) connected through programmable interconnects. The user determines these interconnections by programming SRAM. A CLB can be simple (AND, OR gates, etc) or complex (a block of RAM). The FPGA allows changes to be made to a design even after the device is soldered into a PCB.

Attribute Value
Programmable Logic Technology FPGA
Kit Classification Programmer
Kit Name Ethernet Blaster II
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