Cypress Semiconductor, CY8CMBR3108-LQXI

COO (Country of Origin): US

CapSense® Touch Controllers, Cypress Semiconductor

A range of Programmable System-on-chip (PSoC®) products from Cypress Semiconductor incorporating analogue sub-systems with capacitive sensing hardware. These configurable devices include an on-board MCU and are aimed primarily at capacitive touch screen applications.

Register-configurable CapSense Express controller
No firmware development required
Patented CSD sensing algorithm
High sensitivity (0.1 pF)
Overlay thickness of up to 15 mm for glass and 5 mm for plastic
Proximity solutions
Sensitivity up to 2 fF per count
Best-in-class >100:1 SNR performance
Superior noise-immunity performance against conducted and radiated noise
Ultra-low radiated emissions
SmartSense Auto-tuning
Sets and maintains optimal sensor performance during run time
Eliminates manual tuning during development and production
Low-power CapSense
Average current consumption of 22 μA per sensor at 120-ms refresh interval
Wide parasitic capacitance (CP) range: 5–45 pF
Advanced user interface features
Liquid tolerance
User-configurable LED brightness for visual touch feedback
Up to eight high-sink current GPOs to drive LEDs
Buzzer signal output for audible touch feedback
Flanking Sensor Suppression (FSS) to eliminate false touches in closely spaced buttons
Analog voltage output
Attention line interrupt to the host to indicate any change in sensor status

Touch Screen Controllers

Attribute Value
Sensor Type Capacitive
Maximum Switching Frequency 400 (Clock) MHz
Maximum Output Current -1 (High Level) mA, 10 (Low Level) mA
Maximum Output Voltage 0.6 (Low Level) V
Sensing Distance 30cm
Switching Mode Analogue
Output Type PWM
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package Type QFN
Pin Count 16
Maximum Supply Current 140 mA
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 0.55mm
Height 0.55mm
Length 3mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +85 °C
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage 5.5 V
Width 3mm
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage 1.71 V
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 °C
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HK$ 12.962
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