Nordic Semiconductor Bluetooth Smart (BLE) Development Kit for nRF8001


nRF8001 Bluetooth Smart Transceiver Development Kit

The nRF8001-DK Development Kit from Nordic Semiconductor is designed to evaluate and prototype the nRF8001 Bluetooth Smart transceiver chip. The kit interfaces as a Bluetooth Smart shield to the Arduino Uno (769-7409), Mega (715-4084) and Leonardo (761-7315) boards using the Arduino adapter board supplied in the kit. The kit also includes a USB dongle and two nRF8001 radio modules: the dongle allowing you to monitor and control your wireless Bluetooth Smart connection. The development kit will support applications that use 3rd party microcontrollers by connecting the radio module to the MCU board using patch cables.

Kit includes:
1 x nRF8001 Radio module with PCB antenna
1 x nRF8001 Radio module with SMA antenna connector
1 x Arduino Shield Adapter board
1 x nRF51822 Development USB Dongle for testing the link

Supplied with

5 x nRF8001 samples, Getting Started Guide

Attribute Value
RF Technology Bluetooth Smart (BLE)
Kit Classification Development Kit
Featured Device NRF8001
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