Facom 150mm Stainless Steel Metric Ruler

  • RS庫存編號 300-6613
  • 製造零件編號 DELA.1051.150
  • 製造商 Facom
COO (Country of Origin): DE

Flexible stainless steel rulers

These stainless steel rulers from Facom are ideal for using across a wide field of industries, by professionals and engineers. They are ideal in assisting you in measuring, drawing, cutting or scoring straight lines on materials.

A steel ruler or rule is a type of straightedge measuring tool that measures actual sizes in either imperial or metric measurements and for drawing straight lines.

Facom DELA 1051 series of flexible stainless steel rulers are etched on both sides: one side in mm and the other side in 1/2 mm and are available in the following lengths:
300-6613 - DELA.1051.150 Metric ruler, length 150mm
300-6629 - DELA.1051.200 Metric ruler, length 200mm
300-6641 - DELA.1051.300 Metric ruler, length 300mm

Features and Benefits:

Series of flexible stainless steel rulers, etched on both sides: 1 side in mm and 1 side in 1/2 mm. Lines and figures are etched and appear in black due to oxidation. Anti-glare finish.
High-quality class II rulers.
Available in calibrated version.

Typical Applications

Rulers are used to measure the length of an object or its edge precisely and as a guide for drawing or scoring straight lines. Rulers are used in schools, at home and in a wide range of occupations and fields of study including geometry, printing, technical drawing, building and engineering.

What are Rulers made from?
Rulers are made from durable materials like wood, plastic or metal. These materials are hard wearing, and usually shatter resistant and scratch proof for durability. This Facom ruler is made from stainless steel.

Care advise
Steel rules are precision measuring instruments and should be easy to maintain. They should not be used as a scraper, screwdriver or pry bar and be careful not to bang the ruler around. Inspect your steel rule periodically. Be sure that it is not bent or dented. Check that the corners are square and sharp. Be sure there are no burrs anywhere on the steel rule. A good quality steel rule should last a long time, as long as it's looked after.

Attribute Value
Length 150mm
Imperial or Metric Metric
Material Stainless Steel
Width 13mm
Flexible Yes
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HK$ 18.96
Per unit
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