FTDI Chip TTL-234X-5V-WE for use with FTDI VDRIVE2 or VMUSIC2 Modules

  • RS庫存編號 150-1579
  • 製造零件編號 TTL-234X-5V-WE
  • 製造商 FTDI Chip

TTL-234X Converter Cable provides a USB to TTL Serial interface with various end connectors.
On board FT234XD provides single chip USB to asynchronous serial data transfer interface.
Entire USB protocol handled by the electronics in the cable USB.
Connect directly to a microcontroller UART or I/O pins.
UART interface support for 7 or 8 data bits, 1 or 2 stop bits and odd / even / mark / space / no parity.

The TTL-234X-5V-WE and TTL-234X-3V3-WE cables are both un-terminated, they are bare and tinned wires. The difference between the two cables is that the TTL-234X-5V-WE operates at +5V levels (signals and power supply) and the TTL-234X-3V3-WE operates at +3.3V levels (signals only, VCC=+5V).

Attribute Value
For Use With FTDI VDRIVE2 or VMUSIC2 Modules
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