Weller WSTA3 Soldering Iron Kit for use with Butane Gas Operated Soldering Iron

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  • 製造零件編號 T0051608499
  • 製造商 Weller
COO (Country of Origin): IE

P-1K anti-static gas soldering iron kit

This kit comprises a 4-function gas soldering iron kit, a 2.4 mm soldering tip, a torch nozzle, a support and a cleaning sponge and is supplied in a plastic storage case.Adjustable temperature, lit by a flint igniter built into the cap, made from anti-static material.

Weller WSTA3 Butane Gas-Operated Soldering Iron Kit

This soldering iron kit consists of a 4-function WSTA3 butane gas-operated soldering iron and accessories, including a 2.4mm soldering tip (T2), a hot air nozzle (T6), a hot cutting knife (T7), and a flame nozzle (T5). A cleaning sponge, a support and a storage box are also included in this kit.

Features & Benefits

  • Anti-static flint igniter built into cap to ensure user safety.
  • Adjustable heat for versatility.
  • Wireless to allow for flexible and versatile use and prevents accidents involving wires.
  • Changeable tips make this kit versatile and suitable for various soldering projects.
  • Maximum working temperature for soldering tips, hot air nozzle and cutting knife: 450°C.
  • Maximum temperature for flame nozzle: 1300°C.
  • Refillable butane gas reservoir tanks (RS. 216-1668).

Typical Applications

Gas-operated soldering irons are usually butane-powered versions of the traditional soldering iron, but their independence from the mains allows them to be used in intricate and harder-to-access soldering applications, including:

  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Electrical engineering


What are the main advantages of a gas-powered soldering iron?Without the need for a connection to mains power, gas-powered soldering irons are cordless and therefore much more portable during use. They can also work in much more intricate and hard-to-reach areas as they do not have trailing cords.Their refillable butane reservoir tank makes gas-powered soldering irons more economical when it comes to occasional repairs or smaller jobs rather than having to wait for mains-powered irons to heat up.

Gas - Weller

Attribute Value
Kit Contents Cleaning Sponge & Safety Rest, Flame Nozzle, Gas Soldering Iron, Hot Air Nozzle, Hot Cutting Knife, Soldering Tip
Model Number WSTA3
Tip Series T2
For Use With Butane Gas Operated Soldering Iron
Power Type Gas
Product Type Cordless Soldering Iron Kit
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