Weller Soldering Iron Kit, for use with WX1, WX2 Stations

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WXP 65 Soldering Iron & WDH 10 Stand Set

Soldering set featuring the WXP 65 soldering iron and the WDH 10 stand, for use with the WX1 and WX2 station.

WXP65 65 watt iron suitable for multiple soldering applicationsWith analog-to-digital converter and data memory readPyramid shape heater enables fast heat-up time & thermal recoverySpring system provides steady contact pressure between heater & tipIron features blue ring status indicator lightEasy tip change without the need for toolsCompatible with XNT Series soldering tipsESD safe


Please be aware solder wire is not included with this Soldering Iron. Why not try RS brand Solder wire 756-8884?

Supplied with

XNT1 tip.

Weller WXP 65 Soldering Iron Kit

This kit is suitable for use with WX1 and WX2 soldering stations and contains a WXP 65 soldering iron, with a unique pyramid-shape heater, and a WDH 10 safety stand.

Features & Benefits:

  • WXP 65 soldering iron for small and medium components with average energy demand, 24V input, 65W output.

  • Suitable for fine soldering jobs with WX stations.

  • Temperature range: 100°C – 450°C.

  • Heat-up time approx. 7 seconds.

  • ESD-safe – electrostatic discharge is the transfer of an electric charge that occurs when two objects with different electric potentials due to charging or static induction come into contact. This can lead to product defects and/or equipment failures. This product is protected from electrostatic discharge.

  • Power Response heating technology with improved sensor position and fast reaction time.

  • LED signal function on iron handle provides visual process control.

  • Unique pyramid shape heater enables fast heat up and thermal recovery.

  • Easy tip change without the need for tools.

Typical Applications:

Soldering iron kits typically contain a soldering iron and a range of different accessories depending on the kit, supplier, or price range. The contents can vary from a few smaller accessories to a complete solution kit. Soldering irons aren’t typically used for large-scale production or industrial applications, and are more commonly found in:

  • Electronics assembly.

  • Small repairs and maintenance.

  • Installation.


What does this kit contain?

This kit contains a WXP65 soldering iron and a WDH10 safety stand.

Does this kit include solder wire?

No, this kit does not come with solder wire, so why not try RS PRO brand solder 756-8884?

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Attribute Value
Model Number WXP 65
Tip Series XNT
For Use With WX1; WX2 Stations
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