Weller PU 81 Soldering Station, 230V, UK Plug

  • RS庫存編號 337-4073
  • 製造零件編號 T0053252399N
  • 製造商 Weller

PU81 Power Unit

Analogue temperature display
Temperature control via rotary potentiometer
Power unit compatiable with all suitably rated Temtronic irons
For suitable soldering irons refer to stock nos. 292-1943 or 162-6518


Please be aware solder wire is not included with this Soldering Station. Why not try RS brand Solder wire? 756-8884

Weller PU 81 Soldering Station Set

Introducing the PU 81 power unit from Weller features an analogue dial to precisely control the temperature to suit the application. The temperature range is from 150°C to 450°C (302°F to 842°F), with a green led light indicating the desired temperature has been reached. The Weller PU 81 soldering station is ESD protected and offers a temperature accuracy of ±9°C, and temperature stability of ±5°C. There is a 3.5mm jack plug and socket on the back of the soldering unit for equipotential bonding. Equipotential bonding enables you to be ESD safe by joining metalwork that may be earthed, to avoid any potential malfunctions from ESD.

It's recommended that this soldering power unit should be used with the Weller PU 81 soldering iron. The WSP 80 soldering iron, this high performance and ergonomically designed iron is great for accurate soldering. The 80W, 24V soldering iron features a fast heat-up allowing the user to start work swiftly. Easy to change out tips enable to quickly change out a tip if required for different tasks. 292-1943

Features and Benefits

  • Temperature accuracy of ±9°C, and a temperature stability of ±5°C

  • Features an analogue dial for temperature changes

  • Equipotential bonding for ESD protection

  • LED temperature indicator

  • Durable casing

  • EU Plug

Typical Applications

Soldering irons are used to work and rework solder in all manner of applications, particularly in repairing or building PCB circuit boards with SMD and through-hole components. They are commonly used in electronic prototyping and production, and any application where a circuit board component might have to be removed or adjusted. Soldering irons are often used by:

  • Engineers

  • Electricians

  • Metalworkers

  • Jewellers

  • Home inventors

Versions Available

337-4073 - UK Plug 431-0244 - EURO Plug


Is this soldering station ESD safe?

Yes, the Weller PU 81 is an ESD safe soldering station. Ruling out any chance of malfunction or breakdown of an electronic device.

Soldering - Weller

Attribute Value
Model Number PU 81
Tasks Supported Soldering
Plug Type Type G - British 3-pin
Wattage 80W
Input Voltage 230V
Soldering Tip Temperature +450°C
Number of Outputs 1
ESD Safe Yes
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