Cotton Laminated Plastic, 590mm x 285mm x 4mm, Medium Weave Cotton, Phenolic Resin

COO (Country of Origin): GB

Tufnol®, Carp & Whale Brand

Carp brand (fine weave)

A laminate plastic based on a fine weave high quality fabric. It combines excellent mechanicals strength and low water absorption with high electrical properties.

Conforms to EN60893 type PF CC 305
Various applications include fine pitched gears and other precision components

Whale brand (medium weave)

A medium weave high quality fabric laminated plastic. Whale is the most widely used general purpose phenolic fabric.

Conforms to EN60893 type PF CC 203
Good mechanical and electrical strength
Frequently used for larger and more rugged components including rollers, thrust washers, slidways, jigs and fixtures

  Carp Brand Whale Brand
Cross Breaking Strength 150MPa 130MPa
Impact Strength 8.6 kJ/m2 11.5 kJ/m2
Compressive Strength (Flatwise) 350 MPa 310 MPa
Compressive Strength (Edgewise) 200 MPa 200 MPa
Youngs Modulus 6.9 GPa 6.3 GPa
Maximum Service Temperature (long term) 120°C 120°C
Relative Density 1.36 g/cm3 1.36 g/cm3
Specfic Heat At 23°C 1.5 kJ/kgK 1.5 kJ/kgK
Thermal Conductivity At 23°C 0.37 W/m K 0.37 W/m K
Water Absorption 2.5 mg/cm3 3.3 mg/cm3


Carp: EN60893 type PF CC 305, Whale: EN60893 type PF CC 203


EN 60893 type PF CC 203

Attribute Value
Length 590mm
Width 285mm
Thickness 4mm
Material Laminated Plastic
Laminated Yes
Laminate Material Medium Weave Cotton, Phenolic Resin
Density 1.36g/cm³
Thermal Conductivity 0.37W/mK
Maximum Operating Temperature +120°C
Cross Breaking Strength 130MPa
Impact Strength 11.5kJ/m²
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