Digital Timers

The name of the product is a pretty big give away to what it is capable of, a digital timer is essentially a timer that is digital. The display is usually shown in a digital format, with the view of the time. Some digital timers may feature a display that also shows the battery life and the time in hours, minutes and seconds.

What is a Digital Timer?

A digital timer is a type of timer that can count down or count up a time, this function is usually accompanied with an audible sound, in the form of a loud alarm. They are quite easy to use are a great alternative to a digital watch or a stopwatch.

Digital Timer Functionalities

  • Variations of timer modules as well as timer modes

  • Controlled relay input and outputs

  • Warning tones, alarms and audible BEEP

  • Different types of mounting and fittings

  • Magnetic backing

  • LCD and digital display

  • Stop, start and reset controls

  • Countdown and count-up in hours, minutes, seconds and miller-seconds

  • Run from batteries such as an AAA battery or can be in the form a plug-in

Types of digital timers

  • Mechanical timers

  • Electrical digital timers

  • Electronic timers

  • Timer switches

  • Programmable timers

  • Digital countdown timers

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