Automotive Connector Accessories

Automotive connector accessories are designed to work with and complement our range of Automotive Connectors. This range of accessories is specifically for automotive use, such as cars, caravans, trucks, buses and off-road vehicles. Therefore, they are tough and reliable and often provide extra protection against the environment.

Examples of accessory types:

  • Backshells protect the connection from mechanical wear and environmental conditions.

  • Cavity plugs are used to seal or blank off unused connections.

  • Connector housings are used alongside contacts to create an automotive connector.

  • Contacts are the metal pieces within the connector which form the electrical connection.

  • Crimp Terminals are used to terminate wires and are used to create an electrical connection.

  • Secondary/TPA locks ensure terminal are fixed in the correct position and may provide strain relief.

  • Wedgelocks fit into the connector to ensure maximum contact retention.

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