MMJ Connectors

A MMJ (Modified Modular Jack) connector is a mini serial port connector in which the hook of the connector is located on the inside of the plug.

MMJs are designed for mini-computers and to link printers, terminals and serial console servers. These connectors use crossover cables when linking up DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) devices like computers and printers.

What are MMJ connectors used for?

MMJ connectors are adaptable to increased information flow and bandwidth requirements.

Therefore, these connectors are mainly used as networking connectors and communication applications such as network interfaces, high speed LAN, and Ethernet connections.

In the gaming industry, MMJ connectors can be used to interconnect console applications like joystick, controls and racing wheels to mechanical pedals and rudders. MMJ connectors are typical in the telecommunications sector and are used in null modem communication systems that do not require internet connections.

Types of MMJ connectors

MMJ connectors are distinguished by connection type, for instance plug or jack, and by their mounting type, which could be surface or through-hole affixation. MMJ orientation can be straight or angled depending on the component they are attached to.

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