Filter Fans

Filter fans are used to purify the air of contaminants and recirculate it in order to avoid heat build-up within a device. The filter attaches behind the blades of the fan to pick up dust and other airborne particles as the air passes through. 

How to use a fan filter

To control the temperature of an environment using a filter fan, you should make sure that the fan is drawing cool air into the device and directing the warm air outwards. Not only will this ensure that air is circulating freely, it will will also prevent excess dust build-up. Filter fans are used in combination with an appropriate filter exhaust depending on the type and level of filtration needed. 

What are fan filters used for?

Filter fans can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications to prevent unwanted heat and dust build-up inside an electrical device or enclosure. They are also very often seen in laboratory or medical facilities to remove potentially harmful contaminants and to maintain a clean-room environment. 

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