Bluetooth Modules

Bluetooth modules are components that are typically attached to a motherboard with the purpose of enable wireless connectivity and broadcasting via a Bluetooth signal. The modules contain what is known as a 'Bluetooth stack', which refers to the board or chip that is specifically programmed to carry out Bluetooth software functions, providing an easy-to-use digital interface for wireless communication. Bluetooth modules are available in a multitude of sizes and types to suit a wide range of applications and as such can be installed in many different devices, greatly improving the basic functions of the chosen device.

RS Components offers a range of Bluetooth modules that collectively support a wide variety of bus and I/O interfaces. Our range features products from leading brands, including Laird Connectivity, Microchip, Panasonic, and more.

How to select the right Bluetooth Module?

Bluetooth technology is classified by ’classes’, and these classes range from 1, 2 or 3. The level of the class will determine the range of the device, with class 1 being the best in this range for operating range. It is also worth considering the version number when choosing your Bluetooth module. Version numbers range upwards from 1.0 to 4.0+ and, just as they do with the classes, the levels will determine the functionality levels. Version numbers can also be used as indicators for other qualities of the module, such as its range and power consumption. The higher end of the number range holds the best in its class, giving a clear indication of functionality between modules.

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Description Price Bluetooth Class Bluetooth Version Maximum Output Power Receiver Sensitivity Supported Bus Interfaces Supported I/O Interfaces Dimensions Height Length Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature Width
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Class 1 4 8dBm -89dBm GPIO, I2S, PCM, USB - - - - - - -