Disability Signs

Accessibility signs are used for several reasons, like notifying people with disabilities where they can receive assistance or advising you how to open an emergency exit door. These signs are posted inside and outside of businesses and parking areas. All businesses that offer these services should have these signs clearly displayed. Tactile signs are also available but are engraved or written in braille.

Disabled workplace safety signs comply with the Equality Act 2010(formerly the Disability Discrimination Act 2004). Accessibility signs are available in a variety of sizes and materials and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Areas where these signs are used include:

  • Restrooms
  • Assistance areas
  • Medical/Special use
  • Parking
  • Fitting rooms in shops
  • Counters in supermarkets
  • Where are disibility signs used?

    Disabled access signs indicate safe points of thoroughfare for disabled visitors or workers. They include signs that indicate disabled parking areas and the location of wheelchair ramps.

    In areas where lighting is poor, signs that are 3D and glow brightly are available and are still highly visible even is lighting fails. This makes them useful in factories and warehouses.

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