Voltage Indicators

A voltage indicator is an essential piece of test equipment for an electrician.It is a small hand held device with two poles that give its user an instant and clear indication if a circuit is live or not giving you piece of mind when it comes to ensuring your safety.Used in various applications they are simple circuits and very effective. They consist of a connector attached to a bus bar in the supply cabinet and a light emitting diode inside of a small housing with a window to view the light. The LED may or may not flash but its illumination lets you know the line is powered and must be shut of prior to work. FeaturesPermanent device and less susceptible to damageHas reliability due to redundant circuits, surge immunity, long life LEDs and heavy duty constructionLifetime expectancy up to seven years Uses includeFinding breaks in power cablesChecking plug wiring and fusesDistinguishing between live and neutral wiresDetermining live cables in junction boxesFinding faulty switches By using a voltage indicator to establish if voltage is present means that you are complying with health and safety recommendations for safe electrical work.

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48V dc Yes - LED - - - - - - 57g - - +50°C