Schneider Electric BSH Series Advanced Motor Starter, 480 V, Maximum of 17 A


BSH Servo Motors

BSH servo motors are compact and dynamic for use with Lexium05 servo drives. The SinCos hiperface encoders allow the drive to read the motor parameters directly when connected. A variety of motor winding options are available to provide different nominal speed ranges. The motor is fitted with 90 degree connectors which may be rotated through 300 degrees for ease of mounting. See the selection chart for matching motors to drives


The height quoted includes the height from the motor base to the connector top

Schneider Electric Lexium 05

The Lexium 05 servo drives and motors are suitable for a wide range of positioning and precision speed control applications including, printing, packaging, labelling and materials handling.,The drives may be connected to any 3rd party motion controller with analogue, Fieldbus (CanOpen, Modbus or Profibus*), or pulse and direction interfaces.,Cabling accessories enable simple connection between drive and controller.,In Fieldbus operation the drive contains a built-in positioner allowing (CanOpen, Modbus) control of the drive by sending simple move parameters and commands to the drive (Move type, distance, speed, acceleration…)

Attribute Value
Series BSH Series
Component Type Servo Motor
Range Lexium 32
Control Voltage 480 V
1 現貨庫存,可於3工作日發貨。
單價 個
HK$ 10,527.92
Per unit
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