Chauvin Arnoux C.A 6681 Cable and Metallic Conductor Locator, Cable Detection Depth 2.5m CAT III 300 V, Maximum Safe

COO (Country of Origin): HK

C.A 6681 LOCAT-N Cable Locator

The CA 6681 cable and metal-pipe detector is ideal for housing renovation, building maintenance and operations after incidents


The C.A 6681 LOCAT-N Cable Locator is simple to use on both current-carrying and non-current-carrying mains circuits. Its digital technology overcomes interference and disturbance signals to provide precise location details. The receiver displays the value of the signal measured, which is also shown on the bar chart or in the form of acoustic signals whose amplitudes vary in proportion to the signal distance.

Identify a fuse, circuit-breaker, etc.
Track a cable in a wall
Determine the location of a cut in the circuit
Locate short-circuits
Locate cable ducts in a house
Detect buried conductors

Plumbing / heating:

Locate pipes (copper, steel)
Track plastic pipes


Cable location
Identification of a pair in a strand

C.A 6681 E:

Transmitted signal frequency: 125 kHz
Large LCD screen
External voltage measurement: 12..600 VDC / AC (50..60 Hz)

C.A 6681 R:

Detection depth:
Single-pole: 0 to 2 m approximately
Two-pole application: 0 to 0.5 m approximately
Simple looping line: up to 2.5 m
Identification of network voltage: 0 to 0.4 m approximately
Large LCD screen

Supplied with

C.A 6681E transmitter, C.A 6681R receiver, hard case, 1 set of red/black 4 mm isolated banana leads (straight
male / elbowed male), 1 set of 2 crocodile clips, 1 stake for earthing, 1 x 9 V battery, 6 x 1.5 V AAA batteries, 1 measurement adapter for B22 socket (bayonet), 1 adapter for E14 socket (screw-in), 1 mains socket adapter and 1 operating manual in 5 languages.

Attribute Value
Display Type Backlit LCD
Display Type Backlit LCD
Cable Detection Depth 2.5m
Meter Type Cable Tracer
Safety Category CAT III 300 V
Battery Type AAA
Power Source Battery
Includes (6x 1.5 v) AAA Battery, Adapter for E14 Socket (Screw-in), Carrying Case, Mains Socket Adapter, Measurement Adapter for B22 Socket, Operating manual in 5 languages, Red/Black 4 mm Isolated Banana Leads (Straight Male/Elbowed Male), 2 Crocodile Clips, 9V Battery
Maximum Operating Temperature +40°C
Maximum Safe Working Voltage 600V
Minimum Safe Working Voltage 12V
Safety Category Level CAT III
Model Number p C.A 6681
Safety Category Voltage 300V
Plug Type EU
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