TE Connectivity FASTIN-FASTON .250 Series Crimp Receptacle, 6.35 x 0.81mm, 1mm² to 2.5mm², 17AWG to 13AWG


TE Connectivity FASTIN-FASTON 250 Crimp Receptacles

FASTIN FASTON 250 series quick connect crimp receptacle terminals that offer speed of application and uniform reliability. These FASTIN FASTON 250 receptacle terminals share the same product technology as the FASTON 250 crimp receptacles which assure a stable electrical & mechanical performance. These FASTIN FASTON 250 receptacle terminals have a step down insulation support barrel to compensate for insulation thickness enabling the axial alignment of conductor strands to be maintained. Tapering walls at the rear of these FASTIN FASTON 250 receptacles prevent over insertion of shoulderless tabs. The difference between the FASTIN-FASTON receptacles and FASTON receptacles is the addition of a locking lance that ensures secure retention of the terminal when snapped into the housing. Each FASTIN FASTON 250 terminal has precisely controlled crimping specifications which allow all connections to perform as specified. For the optimum combination of mechanical strength and electrical conductivity these FASTIN FASTON 250 receptacles are applied to the conductor using the match-mated application crimp tooling which can be purchased separately. The "F" style crimp terminations offer precise tensile strength and conductivity that will last the life of the circuit. This method of termination also offers maximum resistance to vibration and corrosion.

Features and Benefits

• Quick application to conductor with use of correct tooling
• Locking lances for secure retention in housing
• Precisely controlled crimping specifications for uniform reliability
• Stable electrical and mechanical performance
• Precise tensile strength and conductivity
• Maximum resistance to vibration and corrosion


These FASTON 250 crimp receptacles are commonly used in the appliance and automotive industry. Applications include electric ranges, washers, dryers and automotive harness wiring.

Housing type W (mm) L. (mm) H. (mm)
1W receptacle 9.9 24.1 6.5
1W tab 12.5 31.0 9.4
2W receptacle (type C) 12.5 22.9 10.0
2W tab (type E) 15.2 31.8 13.2
2W receptacle (type D) 10.2 22.9 16.4
2W tab (type F) 12.7 31.5 20.1
3W receptacle 15.2 22.9 17.9
3W tab 15.2 31.8 19.9
4W receptacle 23.1 24.1 15.4
4W tab 26.2 31.5 16.5
6W receptacle 37.2 24.3 13.8
6W tab 31.4 32.4 18.0
8W receptacle 37.7 24.1 16.6
8W tab 40.1 32.6 18.3
11W receptacle 29.6 24.1 26.1
11W tab 32.6 32.5 29.4
Current rating 24A max. per contact
Crimp material Tin plated brass
Insulation material Nylon 6.6, UL94 V2
Temperature rating 105°C max
Attribute Value
Insulation Uninsulated
Minimum Wire Size mm² 1mm²
Gender Female
Connector Type Quick Disconnect Terminal
Maximum Wire Size mm² 2.5mm²
Minimum Wire Size AWG 17AWG
Maximum Wire Size AWG 13AWG
Tab Size 6.35 x 0.81mm
Length 19.2mm
Contact Plating Tin
Contact Material Brass
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