Trenz Electronic GmbH TE0701-06 Carrier Board for Trenz Electronic 7 Series TE0701 for Trenz Electronic 7 Series

COO (Country of Origin): DE

Trenz Electronic GmbH Programmable Logic Development Kits

The Trenz electronic is carrier board is a baseboard for 4 x 5 SoMs that exposes the module's B2B connector-pins to accessible connectors and provides a whole range of on-board components to test and evaluate TE 4 x 5 SoMs. It has an electric rating of 12V. It is used for industrial applications.

Features and Benefits:

• 1200 Macrocell CPLD with block RAM, flash and PLL
• 2 user pushbuttons that can be mapped to different functions
• 6 Pins also connected to carrier controller CPLD
• 8 user LEDs that can be mapped to different functions
• Digitally programmable FMC VADJ power supply
• High performance Enpirion DCDC converter for local supplies
• Lead free
• MicroUSB connector (device, host or OTG modes)
• Pmod connector A, 3.3V and Pmod connector B, 3.3V
• RJ45 GbE Ethernet
• SD card connector - Zynq SDIO0 bootable SD port
• USB JTAG interface and mini USB connector
• VID and EN control for FMC VADJ DCDC regulator
• VITA57.1 compliant FMC LPC connector



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For Use With Trenz Electronic 7 Series
Featured Device TE0701
Kit Name Carrier Board for Trenz Electronic 7 Series
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