Trenz Electronic GmbH TE0701-06 Carrier Board for Trenz Electronic 7 Series TE0701 for Trenz Electronic 7 Series

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Trenz Electronic GmbH Programmable Logic Development Kits

The Trenz electronic is carrier board is a baseboard for 4 x 5 SoMs that exposes the module's B2B connector-pins to accessible connectors and provides a whole range of on-board components to test and evaluate TE 4 x 5 SoMs. It has an electric rating of 12V. It is used for industrial applications.

Features and Benefits:

1200 Macrocell CPLD with block RAM, flash and PLL 2 user pushbuttons that can be mapped to different functions 6 Pins also connected to carrier controller CPLD 8 user LEDs that can be mapped to different functions Digitally programmable FMC VADJ power supply High performance Enpirion DCDC converter for local supplies Lead free MicroUSB connector (device, host or OTG modes) Pmod connector A, 3.3V and Pmod connector B, 3.3V RJ45 GbE Ethernet SD card connector - Zynq SDIO0 bootable SD port USB JTAG interface and mini USB connector VID and EN control for FMC VADJ DCDC regulator VITA57.1 compliant FMC LPC connector



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For Use With Trenz Electronic 7 Series
Featured Device TE0701
Kit Name Carrier Board for Trenz Electronic 7 Series
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