Stanley FatMax 61.91mm Utility Knife Retractable Blade

COO (Country of Origin): GB

Stanley DynaGrip Instant Change Safety Knife

The 0-10-788 DynaGrip retractable quick-change safety knife with 3 blades. Featuring integrated string cutting, that conceals the blade and increased blade storage of up to 8 utility blades. Manufactured with a cast metal body with bi-material side panels and a large thumb pad for durability and improved cutting control. Its tool-free design ensures quick, safe and easy blade changes in an instant.

Safety knives avoid the risk of cuts as a result of handling the blade or blade slippage.

Features and Benefits:

• Retractable safety knife designed with safety in mind
• Push-button front loading blade
• Tool-free blade changing - quick change
• Interlock nose to secure blades into the knife
• Retractable blade slider
• Built-in thumb grip
• Bi-material side panels for a better grip
• Ergonomic design for more comfort and control
• Cast metal body for strength and durability
• Blade storage for convenience and quick blade replacement
• Integrated handy cutting notch for string or wire without extending the blade

Typical Applications:

Safety knives are a type of cutter and are commonly used in industries that require an ergonomic and safe way to cut through materials. These industries include:
• Retail
• Food industry
• Construction
• Medical rescue teams
• Warehousing
• Automotive industry
• Factory production

Is the blade retractable?
The safety knife features a retractable blade which makes the knife safe and easy to store.

Are spare blades supplied with the knife?
No spare blades are supplied.
To view standard Stanley blades please see 776-9734, 136-6027, 494-105


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Attribute Value
Knife Type Utility
Blade Type Straight
Retractable Yes
Length of Blade Required 61.91mm
Number of Blades Supplied 3
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單價 個
HK$ 158.74
Per unit
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