Arduino, 4 Relays Shield

  • RS庫存編號 875-0292
  • 製造零件編號 A000110
  • 製造商 Arduino

Arduino 4 Relay Shield

The Arduino allows you to have a high load power delivery in your Arduino project. Featuring four individual power relays. The four relays each have NC and NO pole changeovers and are set in parallel to amplify current outputs. This kit comes pre-assembled so makes it easy to attach to your Arduino. Each relay also has a LED signal to notify you if it’s on or off.

You can also interface various Tinkerkit modules to shield via the shield Tinkerkit I/O and communication interfaces to add functionality to your design. For protection, the shield can be attached to a case/enclosure with four screws.

Features and Benefits:

• 4 Relays for brilliant high load power delivery
• Small size of only 53x68.5mm
• No need for additional power. The unit is powered by an Arduino base.
• Compatible with ALL Arduino boards.
• Operating voltage: 5V
• Maximum load voltage: 48V

Pin controls:

• Relay 1 – Pin 4
• Relay 2 – Pin 7
• Relay 3 – Pin 8
• Relay 4 – Pin 12

The relay board acts almost like a ’hat’ and there is no need for soldering this. The board just simply plugs into the pins & will sit on-top of your Arduino.

Attribute Value
Product Name 4 Relays Shield
Kit Classification Shield
Processor Part Number A000110
Revision V1.0
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HK$ 166.60
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