Brodersen Systems Multi Function Timer Relay, Screw, 0 → 60 min, 0 → 60 s, SPDT, 1 Contacts, SPDT

COO (Country of Origin): DK

Brodersen Systems Multi-function Timer Relay

The Brodersen Systems XMW series multi-function timer relay is solid-state, compact equipment with high precision and a wide range of programming features. It performs different delay functions like asymmetrical recycler with pause start, asymmetrical recycler with pulse start, delay pulse, OFF pulse, ON delay, ON pulse, ON pulse with control switch, one-shot asymmetrical with control switch, one-shot asymmetrical without control switch, release delay, release true OFF delay in the range of 0 seconds to 60 minutes. This timer has intuitive programming, which makes it easy to use and quick to configure. For selecting time delay range and function, there are two selectable rotary switches on the front of the unit. It is affordable. Its high performance makes it ideal for a wide range of applications in process control environments. Full linearity between the ranges is provided and any adjustment made to a specific time in seconds will give the same time in minutes, just by operating the range switch.

Features and Benefits

SPDT contact configuration
The supply voltage ranges between 10.5VAC to 265VAC and 10.5VDC to 265VDC
1 changeover relay output contact of 8A
DIN rail mounting
LED indication of output relay energisation
Screw type terminal
Multiple timing range available between 0.6s to 60min like 0.6s to 6s, 6s to 60s, 0.6min to 6min, 6min to 60min
Handles a wide range of applications through 13 different operating modes
Intermittent flashing of LED indicating the time period


Chemical industry
Raw material handling
Food and beverages
Industrial process control


IP20 rated
EN 50081-1
EN 50082-2
EN 60950

Attribute Value
Supply Voltage 10.5 → 265 V ac/dc
Time Range 0 → 60 min, 0 → 60 s
Mode of Operation Asymmetrical Recycler with Pause Start, Asymmetrical Recycler with Pulse Start, Delay Pulse, OFF Pulse, ON Delay, ON Pulse, ON Pulse with Control Switch, One Shot Asymmetrical with Control Switch, One Shot Asymmetrical without Control Switch, Release Delay, Release True OFF Delay, Symmetrical Recycler with Pause Start, Symmetrical Recycler with Pulse Start
Mounting Type DIN Rail
Number of Timer Functions Multi Function
Number of Contacts 1
Series XMW-D1
Time Increment Seconds
Power Supply External
Contact Configuration SPDT
Current Maximum 8 A
Terminal Type Screw
Minimum Voltage 10.5 V ac/dc, 24 V dc
Maximum Voltage 265 V ac/dc
Length 75mm
Depth 27mm
Switch Configuration SPDT
Time Delay 100 (Reset) ms
Width 53.5mm
Contact Material Silver Nickel
Minimum Operating Temperature -20°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +55°C
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HK$ 1,014.61
Per unit
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