Test Boxes

Test boxes are diecast aluminium boxes designed to contain components in an electrical circuit. They give fully shielded housing which helps to protect the components and prevent shorts in your circuit.

Test boxes design and 

Test boxes have BNC connectors – a bayonet-style connector which allows for quick connect and disconnect with a positive locking mechanism. They also have two internal solder turret terminals at each end connected to the shield. These make it easy for you to use solder to connect your test box to other components. An aluminium cover with self tapping screws completes the shielding. 

Types of test boxes

Choose from female to male and female to female test boxes. These terms refer to the connectors at each end. For example, a male connector has a protruding pin which can be plugged into something. The female connector on the other hand has a hole in which to receive a pin. Whether you need female to male or female to female will depend on your other components. 

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Description Price Connector Size Number of Connectors Connector Type Colour Box Material Dimensions Height Length Width
RS庫存編號 179-6900
製造零件編號OBDBOB 8280 AI / SW
- 16 - Black - 198 x 81 x 48mm 48mm 198mm 81mm