Industrial Modems

Industrial modems provide a reliable and robust communication system in industrial situations. They can adjust to suit different conditions in demanding environments.

Why use industrial modems?

Industrial modems have channels capable of operating with up to 54 carrier frequencies over a wide frequency range. These robust modems are ideal for use in noisy environments. Signal variations are commonly present in power-line applications due to impulsive noise, signal attenuation and in-line impedance. Industrial modems can tackle these variations, making them ideal for applications such as industrial automation, alternative energy and other machine-to-machine applications.

What do industrial modems do?

The high quality features of industrial modems make them ideal for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), smart lighting and industrial automation applications. They automatically configure and self-adapt to varying conditions on power lines. This results in extremely reliable and robust communication in a low-voltage power network. Industrial modems also work for point-to-point applications, ideal if you need to create a data communications path between two points without a cable.

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